This section provides access to the most important data repositories in the context of CVOO.

Meta data
The Ocean Science Information System (OSIS) provides meta data for all expeditions such as date, location, collected parameters and a lot more. Registered users may also access the collected data (such as CTD data) as soon as it has been published.

Bottle data
The CVOO Niskin data base is a recently developed feature. It is implemented into OSIS and provides direct access to the calibrated bottle data. With the integrated search function you can directly access the data you want (e.g. "all Oxygen measurements from 2010-today north of 10°N").

Near realtime data
Since November 2012, the mooring at the CVOO station is transmitting temperature, salinity and oxygen measurements from the upper 50 meters. The data is temporarily not available until the next service cruise to the mooring.

Since August 2012, a tracking software analyzes daily satellite data and tracks eddies in the eastern tropical Atlantic and provides maps for sea surface height, sea surface temperature and chlorophyll.