Expedition Planning

Your are planning an expedition to CVOO? Please read and follow the Instructions listed below. You can download them as a pdf file here.

Before the expedition:

1. Schedule:

First of all, please have a look into the Schedule and make sure that there will be no interferences in the use of RV Isla?ndia or the CVOO lab with other working groups in your desired time period. In case of uncertainties please ask the Technical Coordinator.

2. Request Application:

Then, please fill out the Request Application Form and send it to the Ocean-Site Manager and the Technical Coordinator at least 2 months in advance. This is very important since the CVOO staff has to be prepared for the work that will come up to them.

3. Shipments:

Before sending goods to CVOO please read and follow the Shipment Instructions. Please bear in mind that shipments to Cape Verde take some time, depending on which way they are sent:

-Duration of container shipments (sea freight): ~ 5 weeks

-Duration of air freight shipments:    ~ 1 weeks
(No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information)

4. Waste disposal:

Please prepare the disposal of your waste that you will have produced at the end of your expedition in advance. It is not allowed to let any waste at CVOO to its own devices!

5. Health, safety and logistics:

Prepare yourself for upcoming fieldwork in a foreign environment by reading carefully the Guidelines concerning Health, Safety and Logistics.


During the expedition:

1. Sampling labels:

Please always label all your samples with:

  • Full name
  • Institution
  • Sampling station and date
  • Substance and chemicals used (e.g. Seawater + 1% Formaldehyde)
  • And, if possible, a date at which the sample may be discarded in case it was forgotten


2. Meta Data Sheet:

Please fill in the Meta Data Sheet that you will send to the Data Coordinator after expedition.


3. RV islândia:

In case of conducting field work on RV Islândia, prepare a Cruise Report in cooperation with the Ocean-Site Manager straight after the cruise


After the expedition:

1. Meta Data Sheet:

Send the filled Meta Data Sheet to the Data Coordinator.

2. Waste disposal:

Dispose your waste in a proper and ecologically passable way!

Any questions? Please contact the Technical Coordinator!