1. How to use the ocean site

    If you wish to use the CVOO facilities, please read the Procedure Instructions for CVOO Expeditions. It will give you an overview of the steps that have to be done for a successful realization of your cape verde expedition.

  2. How can I find accomodation in Mindelo?

    We have assembled a list with private accomodations and hotels. Some of them are marked as recommended by scientists who have been there. 

  3. How can I get the data from past measurements?

    You can have a look at the data summary overview to see which parameters have been collected. Please contact the responsible scientist directly if you are interested in the data. The IFM GEOMAR Data Management Portal is collecting information on all expeditions. If you have a user account, you can log in and access the information.

  4. How to travel to Cape Verde?

    The Cape Verdean Airlines (TACV) and the Portuguese Airlines (TAP) have many connections from Europe, Africa, Brazil and the USA to the international airports at Ilha do Sal (Aeroporto Amílcar Cabral, SID) and at Ilha de Santiago (Aeroporto Francisco Mendes, RAI). From there you need to take a domestic flight to Ilha de Sao Vicente (VXE). The airport in Sao Vicente is located 10 km far from the city of Mindelo.

    TACV flights and all domestic flights are not easily found in most current travel web sites. You should check with a travel agency to find the most convenient flight connection.

    You need a passport valid for at least 6 months with a Cape Verdean visa to enter the country!
     Please check the procedure to obtain a visa with the nearest Cape Verdean Consulate/Embassy.

    Here are some web addresses of Cape Verdean Consulates / Embassies:

    Cape Verde Embassy in Berlin: 

    Cape Verde Consulate in Hamburg: http://www.capverde.org/

    Cape Verde Embasy in Washington D.C.: http://virtualcapeverde.net/

    Cape Verde Embassy in Brasília: http://www.embcv.org.br/

    Cape Verde Embassy in Lisbon: http://www.embcv.pt/

    Cape Verde Embassy in Paris: http://www.ambassadecapvert.fr/

    Cape Verde Consulate in Rotterdam: http://www.conscv.nl/